White Poodles

White Toy Poodle image

Toy White Poodle

Toy White poodles may be the smallest size that a poodle can come in but Toy White poodles are very easy to train and are very good with older children. Toy White poodles are not the most protective type of all but small Toy poodles are very active. A lot of small White dogs like to play with chewy toys including the Toy poodle type. During a process called teething, tiny Toy poodles may try to bite on everything they see including furniture. To stop your Toy white poodle from biting and eating furniture and other things, you should give your Toy white poodle a chew able toy to help your little dog with teething process.

Are Toy White Poodles prefferres for families? For families, Toy white poodle dogs like all of the other kinds, are suitable but only for families who provide a lot of attention on their dog. If a family is very busy doing their own thing, the little Toy poodle will feel sad and will bark non stop. Are Toy white poodles likely to stray? On average, no. There is a very little chance that one of them may stray or run away.

Are Toy white poodles suitable for more active elders? Absolutely Yes, Toy white poodles are medium energy dogs so they are suitable for more active elders. Toy poodles need a nice walk around the park to stay healthy and to stay fit.

Are Toy poodles suitable for less active elders? Yes, Toy poodles are suitable for more active elders and less active ones because of their energy level and because of their small size.

White Miniature Poodle image

Miniature White Poodle

Miniature White poodles are also very active but are not the smallest kind of all. Miniature poodles are medium by size. Miniature poodles, like the Toy poodles, are also easily trained and are also better with older children.

Are Miniature Poodle dogs suitable for living in a family? Yes, but not for a busy family because if there is no attention on the dog, he won't act good and will feel upset. Are Miniature poodles prefferred for families with multiple other dogs? For families with multiple dogs, a Miniature poodle is suitable. Miniature Poodles aren't very quiet dogs like the Toy type of poodle. Miniature poodles are as easily trained as very cute and cuddly Toy poodles.

Are Miniature Poodles suitable for high energy older people? Yes, Miniature poodles are medium energy dogs like toy poodles. Miniature poodles need a least one walk around a medium sized park to stay healthy and fit just like the well known very small sized Toy poodle.

Are Mini Poodles preffered for lower energy elderly people? Unfortunately, White miniature poodles are too active for low energy elders so they are not suitable for low energy elders.

White standard Poodle image

Standard White Poodle

Standard white Poodles are the tallest of all of the kinds of White Poodles. Standard White poodles are also the most quietest of all of the kinds of all including the Toy and the Miniature. Standars White poodles are also the most protective out of all of the types of poodles including the Toy and the Miniature poodles. Standard white poodles are very destructive.

Are Standard poodles preffered for families? The awnser is yes but the owner of the Standard poodle has to give his Standard White poodle dog loads of attention for the Standard White poodle to be happy. Are Standard White poodles suitable for families with multiple dogs? Yes, because of its excellent behavior toward other dogs.

Are White Standard poodle dogs suitable for very active older adults? Absolutely yes because of their very high energy level and because Standard poodles are easily trained. White Standard poodles need a few walks around the park or 30 minuets in your backyard, if you have one. Energetic older adults are perfect owners for a Standard white poodles.

Are White Poodles suitable for less active elderly people? No, because of their very high energetic temperament and because of its size. Less active elderly people cannot walk his or her White Standard poodle at least around 30 minuets in the park or in the backyard. Standard White poodles are very good pets for very active adults but not for less active older adults.

White Poodle Grooming

Are Poodles hypoallaregenic coated white dogs? Yes poodles are hypoallaregenic coated, which means that they are suitable for people with pet allergies. Poodles actually require quite a lot of grooming for it to not be hot.Daily grooming with a slicker brush will keep you your White Standard, Miniature, or toy poodle healthy. When a Poodle puppy is about a few weeks old, start to groom him or her so he or her will get used to it and let you groom him or her. A slicker brush is for helping your Poodle dog feel comfortable and is used to remove mats which make any dog feel uncomfortable.

White Poodle Lifespan

What is the lifespan of all of the kinds of poodles. The Toy, Miniature, and the Standard kinds of White Poodles have a life - span of about 11 to 13 years.

White Poodle Size

Toy White Poodles, the smallest kind of all of the types of poodles, reach a height of under 10 centimeters in all. Toy white poodles weigh about 4 to 8 lbs. Miniature White Poodles, the medium sized poodles, reach a height of 11 to 15 inches in all. Mini White poodles have a weight of about 26 to 30 lbs. The Standard kind of Poodles, the biggest type of all, reach a very large height of about 23 to 16 inches in all. Standard White poodles weigh quite a lot which is 45 to 70 lbs.

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