White Maltese

White Maltese

Maltese Dog Temperament

Maltese dogs are very small white colored dogs that are not quiet dogs, are not likely to stray, that are very good with older children, and are very easily trained. Maltese dogs are very playful. This tiny dog likes to play with different types of dog toyes including chew able dog toys for small dog breeds, as well as treat dispenser toys. Young Maltese puppy's that are teething maybe interested in chewing on different thing including your shoes or furniture. A nice way to help the puppy soothe his gums would be to offer him a chew able dog toy for teething puppy's.

Are White Maltese dogs suitable or preferred for families? The awnser is yes, but not for busy famalties. White Maltese dogs require a lot of attention on them. For active older people, Maltese dogs are preferred because maltese dogs need a few walks around the park to stay as healthy as possible.

For less active older people who love to groom their furry friends, White Maltese dogs are preferred because Maltese dogs have a long white colored coat and because Maltese dogs have a lot of mats and tangles in ther fur that needs daily brushing.

What type of home is mostly preferred for White Maltese dogs? White Maltese dogs are happy in any type of home including a city, country, home or even a small apartment, because of their small size, White Maltese dogs can easily live in an apartment of any size.

Maltese dogs are not quiet dogs. Maltese dogs like to bark and they really dislike to be left alone. When Maltese dogs see a person or any other moving thing, unlike other dogs, Maltese dogs do not bark at any moving objects.

Maltese Size

How tall do small White Maltese dogs stand? Maltese Males and Females reach a height of about 9 to 10 inches. How heavy are Maltese dogs? Maltese dogs weigh as little as 4 to 6 pounds in all. If your maltese dog is overweight, that means that your maltese dog is not healthy.

Maltese dog grooming

Are White Maltese dogs hypollaregenic? Yes, Maltese dogs have a hypollaregenic coat which means that the Maltese dog's coat is suitable for people with pet alergies. Do White Maltese dogs have high grooming needs? Yes, White Maltese dogs do have high grooming needs. Maltese dogs are not as easy to groom as other white dogs. Maltese dogs need to be groomed with a bristle brush to remove all of the little mats and tangles which make your long - haired loyal White Maltese dog uncomfortable. If you groom your maltese dog or any other dog gently, your Maltese dog or any other dog will be more comfortable and the mats and tangles will get removed. If you groom your Maltese dog very fast, your furry friend will feel uncomfortable and very itchy. If your dog feels itchy of you groom your Maltese dog very "gently" that means that you are not brushing your White Maltese dog gently.

How to groom your White Maltese informational video

Maltese Lifespan

How long is the life - span of the well known White Maltese dog? White Maltese dogs have an average life - span of about 12 to 14 years.

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