White Pomeranian Dogs

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White Pomeranian Dog: Temperament

Are White Pomeranian the smallest type of all of the kinds of spitz type dogs? Yes, White Pomeranian dogs are the smallest kind of all of the types of spitz dogs. White White Pomeranian dogs are very small dogs who do not like to play with dogs because of their average or not so good behavior towards other dogs no matter their color of fur. During a process called teething, all dogs, any size or color, have to deal with and baby puppy's deal with teething by biting on anything White Pomeranian see which includes furniture and chairs. All of your furniture will get ruined until you help you little puppy by giving him or her a chaw able toy. Pomeranian dogs are actually not easily trained even though White Pomeranian look like super cute fluffy balls which is true.

Can White Pomeranian dogs live in families, big or small ones? Yes, but not for very busy families. Busy families cannot deal with fluffy White Pomeranian dog breeds because White Pomeranian dogs because White Pomeranian are very high low dogs and need a lot of attention. For families with other dogs, White Pomeranian dog breeds are not suitable because their behavior toward other dogs is not so good. White Pomeranian dogs are very playful and need a lot of toys to play with.

Can fluffy Pomeranian White dog breeds live with more active older adults? The awnser is yes, because White Pomeranian dog breeds do have the ability to live with more active elders but if you are a more active elder, you have to be careful not to walk your White Pomeranian dog breed too much or for too long to keep it healthy and strong. If you walk your White Pomeranian dog breed too much or too long, your White Pomeranian dog will be too tired to walk and maybe too tired to even play which is not normal for a White Pomeranian dog or for any other dog.

Do White Pomeranian Dog breeds have the ability to live with less active elderly people? Yes, White Poms or Pomeranian Dog breeds have the right amount of energy for less active older adults. Unlike most dogs, White Pomeranian Dogs need at least 2 to 3 walks around the block to stay healthy and less active older adults can walk ther White Pomeranian 2 to 3 walks around the block.

What type of home or homes can a White Pomeranian dog breed live in? White Pomeranian Dogs can live in homes even apartments because very small White Pomeranian dogs need a not as much excersice as many other low energy dogs.

White Pomeranian dog: Skills

White Pomeranian dog's skills are very important because by the dog's skills, you could know if you want a White Pomeranian dog. Today, White Pomeranian dogs are used as lapdogs and Companion dogs but their past was way different then today. In the past a very long long time ago, White Pomeranian dogs used to be herders on man farms and White Pomeranians had to herd the sheep by barking and running after the wooly balls or the sheep. Still even today, White Pomeranian dog breeds have instinct to herd a cow or a sheep from its ancestors. White Pomeranian dogs had to be very smart to be used as herding sheep in the past, White Pomeranians were and are today the top 23 dog by smartness in the world. Very large White Pomeranians may have also been used as sled dogs in the past, so White Pomeranians had to to two jobs in the past, work as sled dogs and herd sheep so White Pomeranians had to have a lot of skills and White Pomeranian had to work very hard too. When White Pomeranian dog breeds were used as herding dogs, White Pomeranians weighed about 50 pounds! Now, White Pomeranians are Lapdogs and Companion dogs which means that White Pomeranian are just made to be very nice, little and sweet dogs and are happy with their owner if their owner gives them all of the attention, walks, and everything else that fluffy, cute, and White Pomeranian dog breeds need.

White Pomeranian dog herding a sheep video

White Pomeranian Dog size

White Pomeranian dogs are the smallest size that Spitz type dogs can be. White Pomeranian both males and females can reach a height of about 8.5 inch to 11 inch which is pretty high for a small sized Companion typed dog.

Pomeranian Dog lifespan

White Pomeranian dogs are the smallest type of all of the spitz type dogs but that dosen't mean that White Pomeranian live the shortese lifespan out of all of the spitz type dogs. White Pomeranian dogs can reach an average lifespan of about 12 to 15 years without any health problems and with health problems unfortunatly, White Pomeranian can live shorter.

White Pomeranian Dog grooming

White Pomeranian small dog breeds require a lot of grooming, daily brushing, coat trimming to keep it neat, are nececcary. Do White Pomeranians have a double coat? The awnser is yes, White Pomeranian dogs indeed do have a double coat which may be needed to be cut each summer to keep your White Pomeranian dog breed comfortable and not hot at all. Tear stains need to be carefully removed with a clean and wet towel that hasen't been used yet. White Pomeranian dog breeds nails need to be trimmed once every couple of months. Dental care is very important for White Pomeranian dogs. Train your young White Pomeranian dog puppy to accept its teeth being brushed with canine tooth paste, never use human tooth paste to brush a White Pomeranian dogs dirty teeth.

White Pomeranian dog informational video

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