Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound image Afghan Hound dogs feature a very distinct appearance. Long legs and athletic body makes this dog a fast runner. Silky, long coat and graceful gait make this dog easy to recognize. While Afghan Hounds may feature coat in different colors and markings, many people wonder whether Afghan Hounds can be found in pure white coat color. White Afghan Hounds exist and may feature markings. The flowing coat of Afghan Hound requires vigorous maintenance routine and regardless of the coat color, regular brushing is a must in order to keep the dog's coat in best condition. Potential Afghan Hound owners should be prepared for above average grooming requirements of their new family member.

Afghan Hound Temperament

Afghan Hounds are very large, active and intelligent. Afghan Hounds are dogs that love to run around and they require an open space to run that may include an open field. This fast and energetic dog gets very attached to the owners. Afghan Hounds like to play with other dogs especially when this dog received sufficient socialization during puppyhood. During a process called teething, all dog breeds including the Afghan Hound White dog breeds, any size or color, have to deal with and baby puppy's deal with teething by biting on anything they see which includes furniture, toys and chairs. All of your furniture will get ruined unless, you help you little Afghan Hound puppy by giving him or her a chewable dog toy. Afghan Hounds are very easily trained which is very good news for you because the easier the dog gets trained, the more commands it will follow.

Is Afghan Hounds suitable as family dog? Afghan Hound dog breeds can live in families with any amount of people but not with very busy families. Afghan Hound White dog breeds are not easily trained they are the world's most untrainable white dog breed. For families with other dog breeds, White Afghan Hound dog breeds are also not suitable but, Afghan Hound White dog breeds love to play with other dog breeds any size or color. White Afghan Hound dog breeds are very playful and need a lot of toys to play with to keep them busy when you need you get your work done or, just to keep the White Afghan Hound dog breed happy and not bored like other dog breeds without dog toys are.

Can White Afghan Hound dog breeds live with more active elderly people? The answer is yes, because Afghan Hound White dog breeds have a very high energy level, which is just what more active elderly people want. Afghan Hound White dog breeds need more than just 1 to 2 walks around the block, they need about 3 to 4 walks around the park, each walk for about 30 minutes, is just what more active elderly people can do. Apartment living is not suitable for this active pet. A home with a large fenced yard or near a dog park can help your dog stay active and get the right amount of exercise to stay happy and healthy.

What type of owner is ideal for Afghan Hounds? This energetic dog is more suitable for active people who have access to an open space where the dog can get plenty of exercise. Do Afghan Hounds have the ability to live with less active elderly people? Afghan Hound White dog breeds have a very high energy level which is not the right amount of energy to live with less active older adults. Less active older adults will walk their Afghan Hound White dog breed too little because less active elderly people do not have the energy to keep the Afghan Hound White dog breed healthy and that is another reason why less active older adults cannot own a Afghan Hound White dog breed.

What kind of home is ideal for Afghan Hound to live in? Afghan Hound White dog breeds can live in very large houses because of the white dog breeds size and energy level which is high. Afghan Hound white dog breeds would love to run around in your backyard and you should let your Afghan Hound White dog breed to run around in your backyard to burn some calories which is good for the White Afghan Hound dog breed.

Afghan Hound dog Size

Male and Female Afghan Hounds can reach normal weight from 50 to 60 pounds. Afghan Hound male height can reach from 27 to 29 inches. Female Afghan Hound height can reach from about 25 to 27 inches. Afghan Hound females are typically a couple of inches smaller than Afghan Hound males.

Afghan Hound Skills

The skills and abilities of Afghan Hound include the dog's ability to run fast. Afghan Hound dogs are used as Coursing hares and gazels.

Afghan Hound Lifespan

Afghan Hound White dog breeds can reach a great average lifespan of about 12 to 14 years. Healthy lifestyle, diet and care play an important role in this dog's longevity.

Afghan Hound Grooming

Afghan Hounds require a lot of grooming, daily coat brushing, coat trimming to keep it neat, are necessary. Afghan Hounds have a double coat. Tear stains need to be carefully removed with a clean and wet towel. Afghan Hound's nails need to be trimmed once every couple of months. Dental care is very important for Afghan Hounds. Train your young Afghan Hound to accept its teeth brushed. To brush your Afghan Hound's teeth, you can only use canine tooth paste that is safe for dogs. Afghan Hounds have a beautiful long coat which can reach all the way down to the floor.

Top 10 facts about Afghan Hound dog breed

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