Maltese versus Havanese

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White Malteses vs Havanese: Temperament

For most families, a White Havanese dog is more suitable than the White Maltese dog breed, because the White Havanese dog is more easily trainable and better with children while the White and very fluffy Maltese dog breed is not.

For more active elders, the active Havanese dog is more suitable than the Maltese dog breed, because the White Havanese dogs need more exercise then the White Maltese dog. White Havanese dogs require more exercise and longer walks than White Maltese dogs. White Havanese dogs need a couple of walks around the park to be healthy.

For less active retirees, Maltese dogs are preferred because Maltese dogs are low energy dogs unlike the small Havanese dogs who are slightly higher energy dogs. The Havanese dogs are more easily trained than the Maltese dog. White Havanese dogs also get along more easily with other dogs in the family. Both the Havanese dogs and White and fluffy Maltese dogs are as suitable for families with multiple dogs, but the small Havanese dog acts slightly better with multiple dogs.

Havanese dog vs Maltese: Lifespan

Loyal and long - haired Maltese dogs have a life expectancy of 12 to 14 years. In comparison, the Havanese dogs have a longer life span of about 12 to 16 years. Havanese dogs have a longer life - span than the Maltese dog.

Maltese versus Havanese dog: Grooming

Maltese dogs require less grooming then the Havanese dogs which require more grooming needs. Loyal Maltese dogs are suitable for people with mild pet/dog allergies because the Maltese dogs a Hypoallergenic coat. Havanese dogs are suitible for people with low pet allergies. The Havanese dogs produce little pet alergies such as saliva and pet dander.

Maltese vs Havanese

Maltese dogs vs Fluffy Havanese dogs: Size

Difference in weight between the loyal White Maltese dogs and the White Havanese is as follows
White and fluffy Maltese Males and Females can reach a height of about 10 inches. White Havanese dogs often reach a height of between 8 to 11 inches. White and lively Maltese dogs weigh from 7 to 9 lbs. Unlike the Maltese, Havanese dogs weigh more than Maltese dogs. Both Havanese Males and females weigh about 7 to 13 lbs. In size, White and fluffy Havanese dogs are much larger and weigh more than White Malteses.

Maltese versus Havanese: Energy Level

Are White and loyal Maltese dogs or White Havanese dogs suitable as apartment dogs? The Maltese dog breed is a very low exercise required dog. In comparison, the Havanese dog breed is also a low energy dog but, the Maltese dogs are lower energy dogs. Both dogs are suitable for apartment living because of they're size and the energy level. Both of these dogs can be great apartment dogs. In comparison to the Maltese, The Havanese dogs have a slightly different energy level which does matter. Havanese dogs are happy in a country or city, they can fit into apartments like the Maltese dogs.

Maltese and White Havanese dogs make great pets

Even though loyal Maltese dogs are harder to train, are more destructive dogs, and are better for mless active older adults, Havanese dogs are better with other dogs, and are easier to train. Both Maltese dogs and White Havaneses are better with older children, and they both make very nice pets.

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