Chihuahua versus Pomeranian

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Chihuahua dog versus White Pomeranian dogs: Temperament

For most families, both White dogs, the White Chihuahua and the Pomeranian white colored dog breed are the same with families, they both need a lot of love and a lot of attention from their family. White Chihuahua dog breeds like to swim just as much as White Pomeranian dogs so buying a little pool for either your White Chihuahua dog either your Pomeranian dog is a pretty good idea to keep them busy.

For more active elderly people, the cute White Pomeranian dogs are suitable becuas these kind of dogs are high energy dogs and the Chihuahua White dog breeds are low energy dogs so Chihuahua dogs are not suitable for more active elders. White Chihuahua dogs need a couple of walks around the park to be healthy just like the Pomeranians. White Chihuahua dogs need much less exercise then the white and super cute Pomeranian dog breeds.

For less active elders, none of these dogs are preferred because both dogs are high energy dogs so they are not suitable for less active seniors. Both of these White dog breeds are pretty difficult to train.

None of these White dogs get along with other dogs in the family if not trained to in puppyhood. If you train either your White Chihuahua, either your Pomeranian dog breed from puppyhood, the White dog will get along with other dogs in the family or any other dogs. Both the White Chihuahua dog breed and the White colored Pomeranian dogs are suitable for families with multiple dogs if trained to be in the dog's puppyhood. Both the White dog breeds, the Pomeranians and the White Chihuahua dog breesd are the same protective.

Pomeranian dog vs Chihuahua dogs: Lifespan

Well known and White Chihuahua dogs have a life expectancy of about 14 to 18 years, the most common lifespan for small sized dogs. In comparison, the Pomeranian dogs have the same life span of about 13 to 15 years which is a lot for almost any dog. So, the White Chihuahua dogs have a longer lifespan than the White Pomeranian dog breeds.

Chihuahua versus Pomeranian dog: Grooming

White Chihuahua dog breeds require less grooming the White Pomeranian dogs if the White Chihuahua dog is a short haired White Chihuahua. None of these Loyal White dogs including the White Chihuahua dogs and the Pomeranian White dog breeds are not suitable for people with mild pet/dog allergies because nor the White Chihuahuas nor the Pomeranians are suitable so if you have mild pet allergies, remember that none of these white cuties are allergie proof. Both of the White dog breeds need to be brushed daily with a brush that is not wooden because wooden brushes may hurt your White Pomeranian dogs or hurt your White Chihuahua dog breeds soft and white colored fur. White Pomeranian dogs are known as being low shedding dogs so you do not have to clean up as much when the White dog is a low shedding dog. Just remember this, there are two types of Chihuahua dogs, the Long Haired Chihuahua dogs and the Short haired Chihuhuas so if you choose to own a Long haired Chihuahua, you have to to more extra work than with a Short Haired Chihuahua dog.

Pomeranian vs Chihuahua

Pomeranian dogs vs Chihuahua dog breeds: Size

Difference in weight between the White Pomeranian dogs and the White and very very long haired White Chihuahua super cute dog breeds is as follows.

Fluffy and elegant White Chihuahua Males and Females can reach a height of about 6 to 9 inches and reach a weight of about 6 pounds on average. White Pomeranian dogs often reach a height of between 8.5 to 11 inches. White and almost perfectly behaved Pomeranian dogs weigh from 3 to 7 lbs. Unlike the Pomeranian dog breed, Chihuahua White dogs are smaller and weigh less than White Pomeranian dogs.

Chihuahua vs White Pomeranian dog: Energy Level

Are White and loyal Chihuahua dog breeds or White and fluffy Pomeranian White dog breeds suitable as apartment dogs? Chihuahua White dog breeds are very low exercise required dogs and White Pomeranian dog breeds are high excercised dogs so Chihuahua dogs are better dogs for apartment living. Both White dog breeds, the Chihuahua and the White fur colored Pomeranian dogs are suitable for apartment living because of they're size and energy level if the dog has a lot of toys to make the dogs energy lower and for the dog to be suitable as an apartment dog. In comparison to the Chihuahua, has a lower energy level than the well known and very popular Pomeranian White dog breeds.

White Chihuahua vs Pomeranian dog: Skills

The differences between the White Chihuahua dog breeds and the White and very cute Pomeranian white dog breeds is very important because sometimes, by the dog's skills, you can dicide whether you want him/her or not.

Today, White Pomeranian dogs are used as lapdogs and Companion dogs but their past was way different then today. In the past a very long long time ago, White Pomeranian dogs used to be herders on man farms and White Pomeranians had to herd the sheep by barking and running after the wooly balls or the sheep. Still even today, White Pomeranian dogs have instinct to herd a cow or a sheep from its ancestors. White Pomeranians had to be very smart to be used as herding sheep in the past, White Pomeranians were and are today the top 23 dog by smartness in the world. Very large White Pomeranians may have also been used as sled dogs in the past, so White Pomeranians had a lot of work to do in the past, work very hard to herd sheep or cows to keep them safe from wolves and other things. So, White Pomeranian dogs had to have a lot of skills and White Pomeranian had to work very hard too. When White Pomeranians were used as herding dogs, White Pomeranians weighed about 50 pounds! Now, White Pomeranians are Lapdogs and Companion dogs which means that White Pomeranian are just made to be very nice, little and sweet dogs and are happy with their owner if their owner gives them all of the attention, walks, and everything else that fluffy, cute, and White Pomeranians need.

Today, White Chihuahua dogs are being used as Companion dogs and as lapdogs which are dogs who can be held on your lap and which are dogs that is just a little dog who gives love and who is being loved by its family. The Chihuahua white dog breeds past actually pretty much stays the same, in the past, Chihuahua dogs were also being used as lapdogs and were also just being loved by their owner or owners.

Pomeranian dogs had more skills then the White Chihuahua because White Pomeranian dogs had to be used on a farm, work all day to keep the sheep or teh cows safe in their fences and fields and White Chihuahua dogs were just being loved by their owners and could be put on your lap.

Chihuahua dogs and Pomeranian dogs both make very nice and cute pets

Even though loyal both dogs are as easily trained, both are the same protective fluffy dogs, are better for more active elderly people, Pomeranian dogs were more likely to stray than the Chihuahua dog breeds, both dogs are better with other dogs either in your family or not when trained from puppyhood, and both dogs, the White -Chihuahua dog breed and the Pomeranian dogs are as equally trained. Both dogs, the White Chihuahua and White Pomeranians are better with older children, and they both make very nice and cute pets to have at home.

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