Pug Pros and Cons

White Pug pros and cons

Pug Dog Temperament

The Pros and Cons of the Pug White dog breeds is very playful, energetic, lively and very quiet and are not protective at all.

The Pros of White Pug dog breed temperament, which is the good side of Pug White dog breed, are that Pug White dog breeds have a very good temperament towards other dogs, Pug White dog breeds are also very quiet dogs, they are perfect with children, ( older children, not usually baby's ), they are not likely to stray, and they are not destructive dogs.

The Cons, which is the bad side of the Pug White dog breed temperament, are that Pug White dog breeds are very hard to train and to house train, which means that it is hard to make Pug White dog breeds to go potty. Pug White dog breeds are also very not protective which is bad for people who want a protection dog to feel and to be safe form dangers like strangers and good for people who just want a cute and loving dog.

Pug Size

The Pros and Cons of Pug White dog breed is as follows.

The Pros of Pug White dog breed size are that White Pug dog breeds are very small, this is the exact height ( 10 to 11 inch ) and that is good because if a dog breed is small, you can carry it anywhere, you can take it on vacation, and you can live in any kind of home with it including large houses, small apartments which are about 2 to 3 or maybe more story high, small houses, medium sized houses, medium apartments which are about 5 to 6 or a little more story high, large apartments which are about 7 to 10 or more story high, and many other kinds of homes if you give Pug White dog breed enough excercise. Pug White dog breeds also do not need to eat a lot which is a good thing because you do not have to spend a lot of money on dog food.

The Cons of Pug White dog breeds are that because of their small size, they can easily get injured by you accidently stepping on the dog, or the dog acccidently falls by itself if you step nearby it or, if you have kids, they can do the same mistakes as you. If you are playing a game with your Pug, you can accidently hurt it because you might have not noticed it. Pug White dog breeds are usually very child friendly but not usually baby friendy. If you have a baby in your home, you should keep the Pug White dog breed away from it becasue baby's do not know that they are hurting a dog when they are. You have to play with Pug White dog breeds very gently to not accidently step on them, accidently hurt them or accidently upset them by ignoring them ore somehow else which is a hard thing to do.

Pug dog grooming

The Cons and Pros of Pug White dog breeds is as follows.

The Pros of Pug White dog breeds are that the White Pug dog breed is a very high shedding dog which means that if you like to groom your Pug White dog breeds fur, you are very lucky and if you do not like to then that is bad.

The Cons of Pug dog breeds are that White Pug dog breeds shed a lot and they have a lot of fur, you will have to groom your Pug white dog breed pretty oftenly to keep the Pug White dog breeds coat untangled, not matted and healthy which is extra work for you which is also bad. Pug White dog breed also have a non hypoallaregenic coat which is bad because if you have mild pet/dog allergies, you cannot own a Pug because you have an allargie on them, but if you do not have an alergie on Pug White dog breeds, you can still own a very cute Pug White dog breed.

Pug Lifespan

The life span of Pug white dog breeds is as follows.

The Pros of the life span of the well known, very popular White colored Pug dog breed is about 12 to 15 years which is a pretty long life span for a dog of any size. If you give the Pug White dog breed healthy dog food, water, and freedom, you will be happy and your Pug White dog breed will also be very happy and in good mood! If you walk your Pug White dog breed at least 2 to 3 times a day, your Pug dog will be fully healthy and in very good shape like most other dogs without taking wlks for about 2 to 3 times a day are.

The Cons of the life expectency of the White colored intelligent Pug dog breed is very long but, Pug dogs have a couple of health problems which is not good. The common health problems of Pug White dog breeds are eye infections, and hemivertebrate which is very bad for the Pug White dog breed.

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